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It presently costs each person in the Town of Hardwick, 2cents per day to fund our library and we are facing the possibility of the Town Selectmen recommending that the town not fund us at all. They are under the assumption that we are a private library and not part of the municipality.

The State of Massachusetts, The Board of Library Commissioners, and The American Library Association, all state that we are a public library with the right to have public funding. There are 70 libraries in the State of Massachusetts (see attached list) that are owned by an Association/Corporation and they are all public libraries, including Gilbertville Public Library.

We need your help and support with either donations, or by voting for us to receive town funding at the annual town meeting, or both.

Please help to keep the library growing by your generosity and by your caring.

Thank you in advance!

If you would like to donate to the library please call 413-477-6312 or fill out the form below and mail to :

Gilbertville Public Library

PO Box 535

Gilbertville, MA 01031

Name: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________


Donation: ______________________________________________

In memory of: __________________________________________

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