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Reconsideration Policy

Selection and the removal of titles is the responsibility of the Library Director or
delegated Library staff members.
The following criteria are used in selecting materials for withdrawal:
• Damage or poor condition
• Number of copies in the collection
• Relevance to the needs and interest of the community
• Current demand and frequency of use
• Accuracy and timeliness
• Local interest
• Availability elsewhere including other libraries and online
• Deemed to be of an enduring nature

Gilbertville residents requesting reconsideration and removal of items in the collection may
submit a Request for Reconsideration of Library Material form.

The Library Director reviews the request in relation to the Library’s mission and
selection criteria and replies within thirty days of receipt of the request. The item in
question will not be removed from the shelf during the reconsideration process.
Should a patron not be satisfied with the decision of the Library Director, the patron will
have ten days to appeal in writing to the Library Director and request a review by the
Library Board of Trustees.




Request for Review of Library Materials Gilbertville Public Library
Name ____________________________________ Date _____________________
Address ____________________________________________________________
City ____________________________ State _________ Zip _________________
Phone (daytime) _______________________ (evening)______________________
I represent: _____ myself _____ an organization or other group (please identify)
I request evaluation of:
Title: ___________________________________________________________
Author: _________________________________________________________
I have examined ___ all ____ part ____ or none of the above material.
I object specifically to (use additional pages if necessary):

Approved by the Gilbertville Public Library Trustees 1/22/23

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