Gilbertville Public Library

PO Box 535 259 Main St.

Gilbertville, MA 01031


Mission Statement

The mission of the

Gilbertville Public Library is to promote literacy, learning, and to provide resources that fulfill the educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of the entire community while continuing its long tradition of preserving the architectural integrity of its historic building as a significant, dynamic and vital part of the community, in an atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, and respectful.

Ongoing Programs:

Adult Coloring Club First, third, fourth, and fifth Friday of the month 6:00- 7:00

Book Club ~ First Friday of each month 6pm-7pm

Knitting and Crochet Club ~ Every Thursday

2:30 pm-4:00pm
free lessons

Come and learn. All welcome, from novice to experienced.

We welcome the Quabbin Regional tutors who use the library for student tutoring on a weekly basis.

We welcome the weekly visits from local Mentors

When the Quabbin School District is closed due to inclement weather

the library will also be closed.

 Projected opening of the
Gilbertville Public Library

June 9, 2020 at 2pm




To be in compliance with health and safety.



A MASK must be ON to ENTER Library

  Temperature must be taken to enter

  If ill or have symptoms DO NOT ENTER

  Limited occupancy

ABIDE by markings on floor 6ft Distancing

Password for WI-FI is library, you can connect in the parking lot or outside.

LIMITED  Computer use to be within distancing.

 3 computers will be  AVAILABLE due to Social Distancing,  for half hour usage when someone is waiting.

  Return books to book drops only, either inside or out

The play area, games and toys will not be available for use temporarily in the children's room.

Book Club will meet again in July if all goes well.

Knitting group will meet again in August. Again if all goes well.

Coloring Group to be announced at a future date

Tutoring sessions will need to make an appointment


Tues 2pm-6pm

Thurs 2pm-6pm

Fri 4pm -7pm  

until further notice

Click on MassCat for Gilbertville Public Library's Online Catalog

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